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The Wheel Club is a historical, one-of-a-kind, not-for-profit club in Montreal's borough of NDG. Its mission is to promote community accessibility to artistic performance, and to ensure all genres of music and performance art are available to all ages within our culturally diverse and demographically rich community of NDG and Greater Montreal.

The club began as a veterans social club and has since preserved much of its original character and decor while blending it with today's artistic and technical requirements. 

Its director, Clifford Schwartz, is a professional musician and composer who performed with Cirque du Soleil for many years as well as some of Quebec's top artists, and has composed original music for the CBC. Together with volunteers from the community, the team has taken the task of preserving the only performance venue of its kind in NDG to heart, ensuring the continuation of its Monday night "Hillbilly Night" which is the longest-running open mic night in Montreal. 

The Wheel Club, because of its history and clientele, is recognized as a historical and cultural gem, not just by Montrealers, but to the countless numbers of people who have visited from all over the globe. It continues to be adored today by three generations of music and arts fans of all cultures.

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